The faade of the building is sometimes done to save

The world is literally at our fingertips with any device connected to a network and this leads to more responsibility or the lack thereof. We can accomplish things in seconds which took a commute to the location and waiting in line for possible hours, just five years ago. That’s how long it’s taken for the government agencies to reduce the red tape and see technology as a vehicle for their various departments in government.

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Barack Obama is heavy duty bugging me, man. Will Durst is an award winning, nationally acclaimed columnist, comedian and former Pizza Hut assistant manager syndicated by Cagle Cartoons. The opinions expressed are his own.. The faade of the building is sometimes done to save money either using foam or real concrete stucco. As the house settles real stucco cracks and needs to be patched and repaired to prevent water penetration. Foam back stucco adds insulation to the house, but is susceptible to denting, cracking and ultimately failure over time..

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